Jose Miguel Canino Rodríguez

Additional information: 

Research interests: 
  • Multi-Agent Systems: agent-oriented methodologies to modelling intelligent systems, agent technology with machine learnings techniques.
  • Agent-oriented coordination an negotation: automatic coordiantion and negotation in intelligent systems, automated negotation and coordination protocols for air-ground systems for automatic air-traffic control as wel as automatic air-air navigation coordination systems.

Recent publications

Canino Rodríguez, J. M., García Herrero, J., Besada Portas, J., Ravelo García, A. G., Travieso González, C., Alonso Hernández, J. B., 2015. Human Computer Interactions in Next-Generation of Aircraft Smart Navigation Management Systems: Task Analysis and Architecture under an Agent-Oriented Methodological Approach. Sensors 2015, 15(3), 5228-5250.