Marta Sebastián Caumel

Additional information: 

Marta Sebastián is a non-permanent researcher in the IOCAG. She received her B.S in Marine Sciences from the University of Cádiz in 1996. After completing a master in the department of Ecology she went on to the PhD program at the University of Malaga. In 2005, she moved as a postdoctoral fellow to Rutgers University in New Brunswick (USA) for four years, funded by the Ministry of Science-Fulbright and a Marie Curie OIF action. In 2009, she started working at the ICM-CSIC in Barcelona as a postdoctoral fellow until September 2015, when she became a research associate. In September 2017, she moved to work at the IOCAG.
Her main research line attempts to understand the mechanisms underlying the structure of marine microbial communities and their impact on global biogeochemical cycles. During her research career she has used oceanographic, biochemical, molecular, physiological and ‘omics’ approaches to address these issues.

Research interests: 
  • Linking microbial diversity and ecosystem function using single-cell and ‘omics’ approaches
  • Physiological status of microbes in the ocean
  • Microbial life and survival in the bathypelagic ocean

Recent publications

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