Edurne Ibarrola Ulzurrun

Recent publications

Ibarrola, E., Gonzalo-Martin, C., Marcello, J., García Pedrero, A., Rodríguez-Esparragón, D., 2017. Fusion of High Resolution Multispectral Imagery in Vulnerable Coastal and Land Ecosystems. Sensors 2017, 17(2), 228.

Ibarrola, E., Marcello, J., Gonzalo-Martín, C., 2017. Advanced Classification of Remote Sensing High Resolution Imagery. An Application for the Management of Natural Resources. Developments and Advances in Intelligent Systems and Applications, vol.718, pp.01-13.

Ibarrola, E., Gonzalo-Martín, C., Marcello, J., 2017. Influence of Pansharpening in Obtaining Accurate Vegetation Maps. Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing, pp. 01-17

Ibarrola, E., Marcello, J., Gonzalo-Martin, C., 2017. Assessment of Component Selection Strategies in Hyperspectral Imagery. Entropy, 19(12), 666.