María José Sánchez García


María José Sánchez García has a degree in Marine Science. She finished her Phd in 2008, it was related to coastal dune evolution and the use of GIS to estimate Aeolian Transport. She is a GIS specialist in coastal and marine areas. Nowadays, littoral dynamics and the application of new technologies to improve their knowledge is the aim of her research.

Recent publications

Casamayor, M., Alonso, I., Cabrera, J., Rodríguez, S., Sánchez-García, M. J., 2015. Long term recovery rates obtained using RFID technology at a mixed beach.

Martín Crespo, T., Gomez Ortiz, D., Martín Velázquez, S., Escribí, J. M., de Ignacio San José, C., Sánchez García, M. J., Montoya Montes, I., Martín, F., 2015. Abandoned mine tailings in cultural itineraries: Don Quixote Route (Spain). Engineering Geology.