Jose Miguel Canino Rodríguez

Additional information: 

Research interests: 
  • Multi-Agent Systems: agent-oriented methodologies to modelling intelligent systems, agent technology with machine learnings techniques.
  • Agent-oriented coordination an negotation: automatic coordiantion and negotation in intelligent systems, automated negotation and coordination protocols for air-ground systems for automatic air-traffic control as wel as automatic air-air navigation coordination systems.

Recent publications

Travieso, C. M., Ravelo-García, A. G., Alonso, J. B., Canino-Rodríguez, J. M., Kishore Dutta, M., 2019. Improving the performance of the lip identification through the use of shape correction. Applied Intelligence, 49 (5), 1823-1840.

Hernández-Travieso, J.G., Travieso-González, C.M., Alonso-Hernández, J.B., Canino-Rodríguez, J.M., Ravelo-García, A.G., 2018. Modeling a robust wind-speed forecasting to apply to wind-energy production. Neural Comput & Applic.

Canino Rodríguez, J. M., García Herrero, J., Besada Portas, J., Ravelo García, A. G., Travieso González, C., Alonso Hernández, J. B., 2015. Human Computer Interactions in Next-Generation of Aircraft Smart Navigation Management Systems: Task Analysis and Architecture under an Agent-Oriented Methodological Approach. Sensors 2015, 15(3), 5228-5250.