Alonso Hernández Guerra talks on radio CadenaSer about need for research vessel in Canary Islands

Yesterday, in an interview with the radio station Cadenaser, IOCAG director, Alonso Hernández Guerra outlined the problems facing research groups in the Canary Islands owing to the lack of oceanographic vessels at their disposal. He explained how, up until now, different groups had been reliant on the generosity of the Instituto Español de Oceanografía which had been lending out research vessels so that oceanographic campaigns could take place in the archipelago at least twice a year. However, following the administrative problems (explained in other IOCAG news bulletins), this is no longer an option and implies no data collection in the area for many months. Dr. Hernández Guerra highlighted the urgent need for the Canary Islands to have its own research vessel, indicating that the islands could not be dependent on the mainland in supplying vessels for this purpose.
The radio interview can be accessed here.