Contributions by QUIMA researchers in the VII International Symposium on Marine Science

The QUIMA Blogspot has reported on scientific communications given by one of its permanent researchers and two PhD students during the VII ISMS held online from 01-03 July in conjunction with the XX Siquimar seminar.
While IOCAG member Norma Pérez Almeida presented the results of long-term work carried out on the interaction in kinetic terms between iron and copper in seawater, Veronica Arnone talked of her study on the role of gentisic acid on the Fe(III) reduction in seawater. Paula Santiago discussed her research on the determination of amino acids in extract of Phaedactylum tricornutum, a marine diatom, cultivated under different conditions.

More details can be found in the AtopFe project section of the QUIMA Blogspot here.