Flood Risk Conference to be held from 17-18 June 2019

Details of the forthcoming conference "Riesgo de inundación y resiliencia: de la teoría a la acción” (Flood risk and Resilience: from Theory to Action) which will be held on the 17 and 18 of June 2019 can now be accessed here .

The conference will consider the problem of flooding from multiple perspectives within the framework of the INTUCAN Research and Development project: "Análisis del impacto de las inundaciones en áreas turísticas costeras: Canarias, laboratorio natural de resiliencia) (Flood Impact Analysis of Costal Tourist Areas: The Canary Islands, a real resilience lab), led by IOCAG's Dr. Pablo Máyer Suárez.
The conference will include round table meetings which will provide a platform for speakers to discuss the main points of their presentations and an opportunity for debate with those attending.