IOCAG to head a study on the role of the South Atlantic in climate change

La Provincia newspaper has published an article reporting that Alonso Hernández Guerra, director of IOCAG is to lead research on a three-faceted project called "The South Atlantic Gateway in the Global Conveyor Belt".
To date, studies regarding ocean and climate change have concentrated on the North Atlantic but now focus is to be shifted away from the Canary current onto the Benguela current, which flows from the Southern to the Northern hemisphere. This will permit the study of variation in the formation of deep water without the need to conduct campaigns in the Artic hampered by severe weather conditions. With a total of 294.030 euros at its disposal, the project has obtained the highest amount of funding in the Canary Islands awarded by the National R&D&i Plan.
More information on the objectives of the project together with the starting and finishing points of the three oceanographic campaigns involved can be read in La Provincia.