IOCAG member Santiago Hernández León interviewed by former student

In his efforts to bring marine science and conservation to people, former ULPGC student Kai García Neefjes interviewed senior lecturer and IOCAG member, Santiago Hernández León, in the first of a series of videos he aims to offer under the title "The Marine Talks". Among other aspects, Dr Hernandez León talks about the physical, chemical, geological and biological areas of oceanography and explains the vital role of the ocean in mitigating climate change. He outlines how the perceived relevancy of marine studies differs according to the country in question and indicates Norway and the United States as places where interest has grown quickly for this relatively new science. He talks about the advantages to studying oceans in different parts of the world in the pursuit of knowledge but also indicates the difficulty involved in spending long periods aboard a relatively small vessel in order to make new discoveries.
The video, which is in Spanish with English subtitles, can be accessed here