IOCAG Phd Students participate in scientific sessions over coffee in the Elder museum

As part of the Uni PlaNet project, three of IOCAG's PhD students recently took part in two scientific awareness sessions (Café con ciencia) held in an informal setting on 24th and 31st January in the Elder Museum in the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
María Casanova Masjoan, Nerea Marrero Betancort and Leví García Romero were on hand to discuss climate change phenomena with those present and exchange opinions on topics such as oceanography, tourism and beaches, sea temperature, marine pollution, the problem of plastics, fisheries, and different types of energy.
The sessions were organised in conjunction with the ULPGC library through the Shared Science Initiative (Ciencia Compartida).
More can be read on the ULPGC website.