IOCAG researcher Dr María Dolores Pérez Hernández participates in research on North Atlantic water modification (Norway)

The ULPGC website has dedicated an entry to the participation of Dr María Dolores Pérez Hernández in research work led by the Sorbonne University, which focuses on the severe changes occurring in the Atlantic waters north of Svalbard.
Owing to the scarcity of observational data, this study has drawn on 14 years of numerical simulation to identify those winters in which there has been greater Atlantic water modification. Participating scientists in this research conclude that as we advance towards an ice-free Arctic Ocean, at least on a seasonal basis, extreme convection will occur in more zones over the years, leading to a cooling and densification of the Atlantic waters. This will not only affect the ecosystems of the European Arctic slope but also contribute to an increase in deep water formation.

More details can be read on the ULPGC website here.