IOCAG researchers María Dolores Pérez Hernández and Aridane González González on Radio Ser

Every Tuesday, the radio Ser programme "Hoy por Hoy Las Palmas" dedicates a space called "Mundo Sapiens" to science and its popularisation in which IOCAG member Aridane González Gónzalez regularly features. This week's edition addressed the subject of ocean currents around the Canary Islands, what they bring with them and how they affect the Archipelago. To enlighten listeners on the subject, Aridane chose this time to invite fellow IOCAG member, María Dolores Pérez Hernández, to the phone discussion who was able to provide valuable insight into the benefits of the deep water brought by coastal upwelling as well as giving fascinating information regarding the estimated time small boats from the African Coast take to reach the Canaries, a phenomenon much in the local news of late.

The complete radio spot in Spanish can be accessed here.