More details on the four routes included in the Georoutes app

The four geotourism routes to be included in the app, developed in conjunction with Telde City Council, are: Tufia, Caldera de los Marteles (Los Marteles Crater), Baranco de El Draguillo (Draguillo Ravine) and Lomo Magullo/Barranco de los Cernícalos. IOCAG member, Jorge Yepes, is the driving force behind this initiative which he says will reveal Telde's hidden geological secrets. The app will, in each case, provide facts on certain aspects of the natural medium, such as its ecology, ethnography and archaeology as well as basic information on tourist services. It will even provide data on photographs of rocks and plants taken along the route with a user's mobile phone.
More information can be read in Canarias 7.

The interactive map links can be accessed here:
Route 1 Lomo Magullo/Barranco de los Cernícalos
Route 2 Tufia
Route 3 Barranco de El Draguillo
Route 4 Caldera de los Marteles