New article en El Día highlights need for R+D to be part of Canary Social and Economic Revitalisation Covenant

In view of the complete absence of words such as "science" and "scientific research" and only a brief mention regarding the issue of climate change in the bill presented by the islands' government, IOCAG director, Alonso Hernández Guerra, emphasised in the newspaper article that although tourism had lifted archipelago out of poverty 70 years ago, little had been done to diversify the economy in the interim. Indicating the pandemic as a tipping point for its implementation, Dr. Hernández Guerra insisted on the importance of being prepared for any contingency.
For his part, researcher Aridane González, IOCAG member and Chairman of the Committee of Experts for the Study of Climate Change in the Canary Islands, underscored the need for R+D+i to occupy a clear and explicit place in the planning of society both now and in the future.

The full article can be read in El Día here.