Newspaper interview with IOCAG's Aridane González González

Yesterday's La Provincia carried an interview with Aridane González González, postdoctoral researcher attached to the QUIMA division of IOCAG and Chairman of the Committee of Experts for the Study of Climate Change in the Canary Islands. La Provincia was interested in knowing what long term effects the confinement measures, introduced to combat the spread of the Coronavirus, would have on climate change, given that a drop in atmospheric pollution had already been noted. Aridane was quick to point out that although there had been a reduction in the emission of green houses gases during this time, a sharp increase has been predicted for when confinement comes to an end and that for results to be achieved in the fight against climate change, sustained reduction would be required together with modifications in our industrial models.

The full interview can be read below and online in La Provincia here.