Online seminar on the risks of climate change in the Canary Islands

As a participating university in the European project "SOCLIMPACT", the ULPGC has organised a webinar for tomorrow, Tuesday 21st July at 15:30h, in which three IOCAG members will be taking part: Javier Arístegui will present "‘Impactos, riesgos y acción ante el cambio global: Un reto para la gobernanza" (Impacts, risks and action in the face of global change: a governance challenge); Alonso Hernández Guerra, "La subida del nivel del mar: El caso de las Canteras" (Sea-level rise: the case of Las Canteras) and Santiago Hernández León, "Cambio climático, corrientes, nutrientes y vida marina" (Climate change, currents, nutrients and marine life). With five speakers in all, the webinar is entitled: "¿Cómo enfrentar los riesgos del cambio climático en las islas? Evidencias de Canarias y Baleares" (How should the risks of climate change in the islands be addressed? Indications in the Canary and Balearic Islands), and is free of charge. here

A link both to the SOCLIMPACT website as well as online registration can be accessed through the ULPGC news page here.