Several IOCAG members among the most quoted scientists in Spain

The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) has drawn up a list of 65,000 Spanish scientists, ranking them according to the quantity and quality of their work published in high-impact journals and the number of times their articles have been quoted. (Data was collected during the last week of February 2019.)
The following researchers appeared in the top 10% of the list:
- Javier Arístegui Ruiz (position 1220)
- José Miguel Canino Rodríguez (1353)
- Santiago Hernández León (2620)
- Melchor González Dávila (2919)
- J. Magdalena Santana Casiano (3150)
- Alonso Hernández Guerra (4613)
- María Fernanda Montero del Pino (6089)
More information and access to the complete list can be found on the ULPGC website.