Several publications report on the data given by IOCAG researchers in MAC-CLIMA presentations

A number of Canary publications have dedicated articles to the content of the online talks given on 8th June by Dr Javier Arístegui Ruiz and Dr María Dolores Pérez Hernández as part of the MAC-CLIMA cycle.
Dr Pérez Hernández provided listeners with information such as the rise in sea level of the Canary Basin by 21 centimetres over the last 60 years and the fact that the temperature of the water has increased 0,3 degrees from the surface to a depth of 2,000 metres. She further outlined how the European project Mac-Clima will make it possible to determine similar figures throughout the Macronesia. The aim is to implement coordinated measures in the fight against climate change and its consequences, which will benefit the region's 23 million inhabitants.
For his part, Dr. Arístegui emphasised the need to invest in negative emissions technologies which are currently under development. Signalling the vulnerability of the planet and the challenges it faces, he underlined the importance of attaining zero net emissions in the second half of this century. This, he said, could only be achieved by drastic reduction in emissions, combined with the capture of greenhouse gases in the same proportion as their generation.

More details can be read in Info Norte Digital , El Diario, La Provincia, Canarias Diario and Canarias Noticias.