Airam Sarmiento Lezcano

Recent publications

Couret, M., Landeira, J.M., Tuset, V., Sarmiento Lezcano, A.N., Vélez-Belchí, P., Hernández León, S. 2023. Mesozooplankton size structure in the Canary Current System

Sarmiento Lezcano, A., Busquets Vass, G., Rubio Rodríguez, U. Olivar, P., Peña, M., Medina Suárez, Il, González Rodríguez, E., Gómez Guitérrez, J., Hernández León, S. 2022. Active flux seasonality of the small dominant migratory crustaceans and mesopelagic fishes in the Gulf of California during June and October

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