Argimiro Rivero Rosales


Born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Argimiro Rivero graduated in Pharmacy at University of Navarra and got his doctorate in Pharmacy at the same university. He was teacher of the University of Navarra and researcher of the Instituto Científico y Tecnológico de Navarra since 1992 to 1998, and researcher specialized in Chemistry at Instituto Tecnológico de Canarias in 1999. Since year 2000 he is teacher of the Department of Chemistry of Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, being full professor since 2003. Since june of 2014 he is director of the Department of Chemistry.

He has participated in different research projects related to the pharmaceutical industry, with obtaining natural products and macro and microalgae product analysis. At present, his research focuses on the study of various compounds of cultured microalgae.

Research interests: 

Recent publications

Santiago Díaz, P., Rivero, A., Rico, M., González González, A., González Dávila, M., Santana Casiano, M. 2023.Copper toxicity leads to accumulation of free amino acids and polyphenols in Phaeodactylum tricornutum diatoms

Santiago Díaz, P., Rico Santos, M., Rivero Morales, A., Santana Casiano, M. 2022.Bioactive Metabolites of Microalgae from Canary Islands for Functional Food and Feed Uses

Santiago Díaz, P., Rivero Rosales, A., Rico Santos, M., Gómez Pinchetti, J.L. Characterization of Novel Selected Microalgae for Antioxidant
Activity and Polyphenols, Amino Acids, and Carbohydrates . 2021

Carrasco-Acosta, M., Garcia-Jimenez, P., Herrera-Melián, J. A., Peñate-Castellano, N., Rivero-Rosales, A., 2019. The effects of plants on pollutant removal, clogging, and bacterial community structure in palm mulch-based vertical flow constructed Wetlands. Sustainability, 11 (3), 632.

López, A., Rico, M., Rivero, A., Suárez de Tangil, M., 2011. The effects of solvents on the phenolic contents and antioxidant activity of Stypocaulon scoparium algae extracts. Food Chemistry, 125(3), 1104-1109.