Isabel Baños Cerón

Recent publications

Baños, I., Montero, M.F., Benavides, M., Arístegui, J., 2020. INT Toxicity over Natural Bacterial Assemblages from Surface Oligotrophic Waters: Implications for the Assessment of Respiratory Activity. Microbial Ecology.

Filella, A., Baños, I. Montero, M.F., Hernández-Hernández, N., Rodríguez-Santos, A., Ludwig, A., Riebesell, U., Arístegui, J., 2018. Plankton Community Respiration and ETS Activity Under Variable CO2 and Nutrient Fertilization During a Mesocosm Study in the Subtropical North Atlantic. Front. Mar. Sci. 5:310.

Hernández-Hernández, N., Bach, L.T., Montero, M.F., Taucher, J., Baños, I., Guan, W., Espósito, M., Ludwig, A., Achterberg, E.P., Riebesell, U., Arístegui, J., 2018. High CO2 Under Nutrient Fertilization Increases Primary Production and Biomass in Subtropical Phytoplankton Communities: A Mesocosm Approach. Front. Mar. Sci. 5:213

Benavides, M., Bonnet, S., Hernández, N., Martínez Pérez, A.M., Nieto-Cid, M., Álvarez-Salgado, X.A., Baños, I., Montero, M.F., Mazuecos, I.P., Gasol, J.M., Osternolz, H. Dittmar, T., Berman-Frank, I., Arístegui, J., 2016. Basin-wide N2 fixation in the deep waters of the Mediterranean Sea.