Javier Arístegui Ruiz


Javier Arístegui is Full Professor of Ecology at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC), and head of the Biological Oceanography Group at the Institute of Oceanography and Global Change (IOCAG). He was former director of the IOCAG (2011-2012) and the “Marine Technological Service-SITMA” (2015-2018) at the ULPGC. Presently, is director of the Canaries Observatory of Harmful Algae (OC-HABs). Under his supervision 14 PhD students and numerous Master students successfully completed their degrees in biological oceanography at the Faculty of Marine Sciences. For more than 30 years, he has worked on the dynamics of pelagic ecosystems, including studies on plankton ecology and ecophysiology, microbial oceanography and biogeochemistry. More recently he has been working in the effect of climate-change stressors on planktonic communities, and on nature-based solutions to enhance carbon dioxide removal. He has published more than 150 refereed publications and book chapters, coordinated 30 national and international projects, co-authored more than 150 conference presentations, with several plenary or invited conferences, and participated in more than 30 oceanographic cruises across all major ocean basins, from polar to tropical seas. He has served the scientific community as organizer and convener of a number of international conferences and symposia, ad-hoc reviewer for 12 national and international Science Foundations, and reviewer for more than 30 international journals. Presently is Co-Editor in Chief of “Deep Sea Research II” and Associate Editor of “Frontiers in Marine Science”. He has been also Guest Editor of “Progress in Oceanography” (2004 and 2009), “Scientia Marina” (2001) and Biogeosciences (2020). He formed part of the European Network of Excellence Eur-Oceans (2005-2007), and was Member (2007-2009) and Vice-Chair (2010-2013) of the international programme on Global Change “IMBER-Integrated Marine Biogeochemistry and Ecosystem Research”) from the “IGBP-International Geosphere and Biosphere Program”. He was contributing author for the first Implementation Plan of the JGOFS-Time Series Stations and the implementation Plan of the Joint SOLAS_IMBER Ocean Carbon Research Carbon Cycle. He has been Contributing Author and Reviewer for the chapter on “The Oceans” of the “IPCC- Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change” 5th Assessment Report (2014), and Lead Author for the “IPCC Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate (2017-2019)”. In 2015, he was awarded with the “Helmholtz International Fellow Award”, by the German Association of Research Centres of Excellence (Helmholtz Association). Recently (2021) has been nominated as director of the UNESCO chair on Environmental and Marine Resources Management (ULPGC).

Research interests: 
  • Biological oceanography and climate change
  • Biogeochemistry. Carbon fluxes. Dark­‐ocean carbon cycle
  • Oceanographic processes at mesoscale and submesoscale levels
  • Plankton productivity. Community respiration. Plankton size structure
  • Coastal upwelling ecosystems. Coastal offshore transport
  • Islands and seamounts effects

Recent publications

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