Markel Gómez Letona

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Recent publications

Gómez Letona, M., Sebastián, M., Álvarez Salgado, X. A., Kiko, R., Brandt, P., Arístegui Ruiz, J. 2022: Zonal variability in organic matter distribution along the equatorial atlantic ocean: insigths for vertical carbon export

Gómez Letona, M, Arístegui, J., Hernández Hernández, N., Pérez Lorenzo, M., Álvarez Salgado, X. A., Teira, E., Sebastián, M. 2022.Surface productivity gradients govern changes in the viability of deep ocean prokaryotes across the tropical and subtropical Atlantic

Sebastián, M., Forn, I., Auladell, A., Gómez‐Letona, M., Montserrat Sala, M., Gasol, J. M., Marrasé, C., 2021. Differential recruitment of opportunistic taxa leads to contrasting abilities in carbon processing by bathypelagic and surface microbial communities. Environmental Microbiology, 23 (1), 190-206.

Gómez-Letona, M., Arístegui, J., Ramos, A. G., Montero, M. F., Coca, J., 2018. Lack of impact of the El Hierro (Canary Islands) submarine volcanic eruption on the local phytoplankton community. Scientific Reports, 8, 4667.

Gómez-Letona, M., Ramos, A.G., Coca, J., Arístegui, J., 2017. Trends in Primary Production in the Canary Current Upwelling System—A Regional Perspective Comparing Remote Sensing Models. Front. Mar. Sci., 4: 370.